Wkuk dating show Season 1/Episode 5

Wkuk dating show

Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected. If You Think Explosions will happen if you obey the on-screen text. Timmy's line "I want to fuck you in the face" is one of the top five Season 1 quotes. The machine - really a simple pump system - used to provide the endless stream of 'pee' was also used in the third episode's sketch Peeing.

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Originally made for Trevor's public access TV show, which explains the dated video quality. Ghost Tea Bag 1 Zach datings show to a spirit medium wondering if he'll get a promotion, and instead finds out he's being teabagged by ghosts.

Timmy John Wilkes Booth: Sign In Don't have an account? Zach's beard kept slipping off because he was sweating too much - you can actually see it coming off as Trevor's character beats Lincoln to the ground.

In the live performances, the dialogue is much more graphic or ad libbed: One such theory revolves around the hookup knoxville tn that Sir Francis Bacon had written the plays and had them published under the name 'William Shakespeare'.

Season Season 1 Episode no. Retrieved from " http: It was built by Darren's roommate Bill, who according to Darren is good at these things. The theory is rejected by most scholars. During the shoot, Zach couldn't stop laughing. When performed live in JuneZach swung a dating show chair around too high, causing a piece of insulation from the venue's ceiling to fall.

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Only Darren escaped the heat - he was drinking Pepsi. Girl Sympathy A group of women evoke sympathy from each other by talking about their feminine issues.

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Zach English gentleman 2: Shot with the Abe Lincoln sketch. You can see him smiling quite obviously in several of the wide shots with the two men shown together. Games Movies TV Wikis. According to Trevorfamilies with small children would check out the shoot, thinking it's another Jane Austen movie being shot, and hurry away once they realized there was a man peeing on someone else.

The very first non-live sketch the troupe shot for the TV show. Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 This sketch was the first shot in a studio for Season 1 and you can tell by the shoddy lighting. During the shooting for this sketch, almost everyone had something uncomfortable going on: John Wilkes Booth During a play, John Wilkes Booth makes several failed attempts to assassinate Lincoln, who repeatedly calls for his security guard.

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The wig Darren's wearing makes his character look like Joe Perry who coincidentally appeared alongside Zach in an episode of Homicide: Timmy's wig was stapled to his head. Trevor had to sit behind a curtain next to the lights, which meant he was sweating continuously.

Darren's wife Rachel thinks this sketch is absolutely disgusting.

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Thankfully, no one was injured. The first time he forgets it Trevor fixes it in the background but afterwards he remembers.