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Hi VlamperCraft Ftw, unless your miis life matchmaking you they want to get married, they probably aren't ready for that commitment yet. I didn't really understand at first so I made them friends with everyone boys and girls so now I am not sure if they have a chance, and I do not want to start over.

Say I already have a few miis on my island and I create one for my mii, how would I get my mii and the new mii to meet up for the first time? Oddly, the process of getting your Mii to propose to his or her sweetheart depends on a quirky little mini-game in which a series of Tomodachi Mii faces will appear to flash through your Mii's mind.

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At least 5 residents, solved at least 15 problems Life: Some will get along better than others Thank you for your comment! Anonymous 15 January at It will then be up to the Mii who is the object of those desires to make a choice between his or her available suitors, so even after planning the perfect date, your Mii may still find themselves being spurned by the one they love.

This usually boosts couples relationship scores, and may stop the problem. Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising. How can I break my mom up with my brother's best friend.

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Tomodachi Life is a Nintendo 3DS life life matchmaking game, where you can put up to Miis into apartments and watch them live together in a normal life.

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You should therefore try to boost their friend status by having them spend as much time together as you can, and life matchmaking for any signs of a potential romance such as the love hearts or orange balloon thought bubbles. If you promise to stop by clicking the Agree button belowwe'll unblock your connection for now, but we will immediately re-block it if we detect additional bad behavior.

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Hi, you should try and change some of the choices that you make in the pre-date arrangements. So, I ended up turning my guy into 'Space Hamster' and recreating my boyf. Anonymous 12 October at Contents [ show ].

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Miis will occasionally reward you with a Travel Ticket after you help them solve a problem. Rather than inputting information that determines a Mii's personality, the player instead chooses between five pre-established personalities: It may be worth noting the ages of your intended miis as it is impossible to get older miis together with younger miis regardless of their friendship status or compatibility rating, even if both miis are adults.

Anonymous 19 December at Sorry if i spelled wrong!

Let’s get some basics out of the way first...

The object of the mini-game is to tap on the heart symbol every time your Mii's sweetheart is displayedbut you will have to be quickas it will only be on screen for about one second before another face appears. You may have to wait until the chosen Miis are introduced to each other by another Mii either on a date or as friends before anything will happen romantically.

It may also be worth isolating your two chosen Miis from any other potential suitors on the Island. After that she hasn't been interested: The compatibility tester is merely a guide to your Miis' relationship potential.

Alternatively, if you wish to discourage them from being sweethearts, then choose one of the negative replies.

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A little distance goes a long way with these two. If they have a similar personality, they will likely become friends naturally over time, or other miis will choose to introduce them at some stage, when this happens, you must positively encourage any friendships or romantic feelings, and with a bit of luck the two of them will become sweethearts.

Other Miis on the island may also have a suggestion about who would make a life matchmaking couple and may prompt you by saying something like: Hi The KinzJam Life, unfortunately you have missed the opportunity to have your child miis get married this time, but if they continue to be each other's special someones, there is always another chance that they will ask to get married at a later date. Anonymous 10 August at I know the tester is just a guide, but can I actually get them together?

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Looks like [Mii] is secretly harboring feelings of affection. Don't have an account?

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How do I make them want to get married?!