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The timeout global dating survey

Even in cities like New York and London, where apps like Tinder have made it increasingly easy to get a date, people answered relatively conservatively.

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However for me, the interesting number '3' was in the comments by a Chinese man who answered the survey. A Banksy depicting a child wielding a machine gun, in black and white surrounded by colored flowers, is spotted in Westwood, Ca. Yes, it's an impression predominantly created by the character Samantha in Sex in the City, and her regular sex marathons, but I certainly assumed reality mirrored fiction.

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Whilst LA women will wait to almost the 8th date for exclusivity, LA men desire it after just 4 dates. Does that mean it's a city full of disappointed men?

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Participants also voted Paris and Melbourne as the top two cities for dating 83 percent and 81 percent, respectively. As long as I can remember, there's been a mythical rule about third dates and sex.

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They also said they knew within two or three minutes of a first date whether they are going on a second date. A Banksy is seen in London, England on Dec. The feedback was solicited from 11, people, mostly from major international cities where the magazine publishes a local edition.

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One of my first jobs in my new role was to work with the magazine's global editorial team, to create a worldwide dating survey and then analyse all the answers we got back. The global answer was an average of 6 dates, however in LA the results were noticeably different between men and women.

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Banksy's "Waiting in vain The average man in Hong Kong, according to the survey results, dates up to 4 women at a time. One of the questions on the survey was about how many people respondents dated at once. Not so - according to the survey results, New York women wait a whole extra date to broach the subject of sex in their city than Londoners do Date 4.

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The the global dating survey readers were incredibly self-assured. The survey results didn't really dispel that rumour - the global average is 3.

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A Banksy is seen in East London, on December 20, Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. Tai, a year-old Asian elephant, painted by Banksy, is displayed at the "Barely Legal" exhibition at a warehouse near downtown Los Angeles on September 15,