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Hit the Casual Matchmaking servers and you can see Rank 1 accounts getting their 30 bombs and tracing through walls and prefiring without ghosting.

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At this point I'm pretty much done with MM or caring about some superficial rank next to my name Not that I ever should have. Valve should introduce a system where if you play x amount of games then you don't get matched against anyone below that amount of games played.

Just think about it for a second, cheaters weren't such a huge problem before csgo had all the money and premium leagues Funny hearing people try to reason it.

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Played two games today, one game had 2 obvious cheaters and the other game had 3. Dating victorian era some of these Been on a stupid loss streak since, and I'm very comfortable in DMG.


VAC is just doing nothing as always They paid for that competition? I mean I've played CS: Probably le matchmaking cs go not to spread it around now I can see where the admins are coming from So I won't name the site.

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Like its less obvious if they lose rounds on purpose. There is probably a good OW bypass because these people would never have made it a few days with the way they were hacking.

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Kids, I've been playing CS since before they were a sperm in their daddy's scrotum. Already have an account?

At MG, I dropped a 30 bomb yesterday. Log in or sign up in seconds. Found the video almost 11 months, still unbanned. You can lose 6 matches while playing well and losing only slightly etc.

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Kicks should have a limit and cooldown. I mean if you bet alone on your match, the bet is cancelled?

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D and have a good day. No, your rank doesn't reset.

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The games are generally pretty well balanced, there are rarely any hard carries or anchors on either team. Can confirm, le matchmaking cs go spectating my friends who 4 or 5 queue in the LEM to Supreme Bracket there is at least one a game or two.

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And I know VAC isn't intrusive enough for Valve developers to detect every cheat, but nowadays it almost feels like they have given up. Just played a Game against obvious walling kids in mirage and it's just rage-inducing. There's not much of a clean experience in MM anymore and I'm tired of it being a gamble on whether or not it will be.

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So we're stuck with it as it stands now. People need to see this. They were also called 'Team Comeback'.