How do i hook up a 3 way light switch How to Replace a Three-Way Light Switch

How do i hook up a 3 way light switch

Connect the red travelers to the left traveler terminals on each switch. Alternatively, you may choose to transfer one wire at a time from the old switch to the new switch. Wire the common terminals for each switch. Connect the red wire on both ends of the new cable to the right traveler terminals on each switch. Most switches have a pair of terminals on opposite sides of the switch top and a single terminal at the bottom.

You can tell if the power is coming into the switch by removing the light switch panel. You will likely need larger boxes than you already have if you are replacing a regular single-pole switch.

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A three-way switch has at least three wires, and possibly four, depending on whether it has a ground wire. Electrical Wiring and Safety Switches. Connect the ground wire from the new cable to the ground terminal on the second switch.

Wiring a 3-Way Switch

Click here to share your story. This will prevent accidental electrocution and reduce the risk of fire. Connect the white wire at each end of the new cable to the travel terminal on the right side of the switch.

You can usually use an electrical tester to be sure. A three-way switch is a handy convenience to control a light from two locations, such as at the top and bottom of a staircase.

Before you start installing, take a look at your new three-way switch to identify all of the terminals that you will be connecting wires to.

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If the existing switch has a green ground wire, attach the wire to the green screw terminal on the new switch or to the electrical box. If there is only one black wire, then the power is coming into the switch from the light fixture.

Determine if the power goes to the light or the light switch. If you're simply replacing a 3-way switch, the diagrams below will show the different scenarios on how your circuit could possibly be wired. Three-way switches are useful for large rooms with multiple entrances, but require a bit more wiring than a standard, single-pole switch.

Connect the black wire from the new cable to the common terminal on the second switch. If there are two black wires coming into the switch box, then the power is coming into the switch first.

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Install larger electrical boxes. A three-way switch allows you to turn a light on or off from two different switches. Mark this wire with black tape to indicate that it is "hot" white wires usually aren't. Since the power comes from the light, you will need to transfer this power to the second switch. Run the three-wire cable between the two boxes.

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Connect these to the ground terminal on the how do i hook up a 3 way light switch switch. Wire the common terminals. In my mind wiring is one thing, but to look at a diagram as the one above and understand the principle involved, that is the key to do-it-yourself house wiring.

The traveler wires go from switch to switch connected to the traveler terminals, it doesn't matter which. Connect this to the black wire in the new cable, on the first switch end.


Attach the ground wire on the second switch. Each 3-way switch in these examples are controlling the power source to the same load. Cookies make wikiHow better. The inside of the coating will be light gray instead of copper.

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