Girl says she likes me but is dating someone else She likes me, but she has a boyfriend. What do I do?

Girl says she likes me but is dating someone else

We were actually trying so hard to control ourselves, pupils dilated, adrenaline or numbness-like feeling, the body can not lie,we genuinely WANTED each other. You had MANY chances over ten years, you just never took any of them. She still acts like I mean a ton to her.

What are the chances she also has feelings for me? A window of opportunity has presented itself to you.

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I came to realize that relationships with people are never unbreakable, that people come and go. I lost my head for her in one week. But I dont want to risk losing the friendship.

You told your boyfriend, which is even better, and you firmly established the friendship boundary dating irish guys in london your crush.

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Now you move on. After about a year of working together her boyfriend took a job a few hours away, and she had grown somewhat distant from him and we started talking a lot more and got even closer.

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Rob, this is great news! However, there is something else to consider.

Girl likes me but dating someone else

But you both live far away, so the chances of her leaving one long distance relationship for another are pretty slim. He said hum true.

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Then if she ever breaks up with her man, you can think about next steps. I never really thought of him till he pulled me to the dancefloor to kiss me.

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Also, talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words. Please help me if I should not give up and wait for her or cut her from my life. Can you please give me advice on this.