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Gay hookup stories reddit

I had just given him a blow job and made him cum.

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I know a marine like this. Wasn't out looking at the time - was just on my way home from class, crossed paths on the street corner and got a bit of the vibe.

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So the infection spreads until we all agree, live naked. We went out for dinner, and, at this point, I was more comfortable talking about being gay than I had been in college.

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That was one of the most memorable parts of going to that gym, but I report dating scams I have a handful of stories. They grow up too fast I ended up carrying him a few block to a hotel and rented a double-bed room with a late check out time figuring he would be hung over. Some time later we were playing some chess, drunk. I only read the story because of the tl: He did bring it up gay hookup stories reddit he moved to a different city and thought it was funny how oblivious I was to the whole thing.

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Guys yes, the heterosexual guys included care just as much about dedication and relationships as girls do. I'm staring at the guy thinking he's cute, trying not to be too obvious about it. After college I was in training for my new job and one night me and some other trainees got pretty drunk.

Actually just had my first one.

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Which I didn't anyway but faked in the end. He'd expect some reciprocation and I'd try my best. I asked if he had ever done anything with another guy. Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone.

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It was pretty awkward afterwards. But a dick in your mouth is a dick in your mouth.

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Not saying they're all attracted to the friend in question; all the ones I've met gay hookup stories reddit know precisely what to do. Meeting with failure, we decide to just go back to his room, finish the booze and call it a night.

He jumped up to hit the lights, excitedly, but turned them back on because I hadn't said yes or no yet.

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Wherever he is, if he sees this story, I got love for u man, we were tight before that and I hope you get to explore that beautiful cute side to you or are making some dude happy out there! Not really a big deal, but he got hammered, couldn't drive, and I couldn't get a clear response when I would ask him what his address was so I could at least try to drive us to his place.

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Then later on we head to bed again nothing to out of the ordinary I have a big comfy bed and my close friends always pass out in it. I find out that he already had it arranged with my bosses that I take him to more appointments.