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Dating someone with oral herpes

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Some people will be reluctant to engage in a sexual relationship with someone with oral or genital herpes. The rationale for not bringing up cold sores in advance is usually either that the sores are something that a person has had since childhood -- making them not an STD -- or that cold sores are extremely common.

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There is also HSV2 which can occur orally but more usually genitally. I hadn't been infected yet at the time of the postings. That said, you absolutely must inform your partner before performing unprotected oral sex on them.

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Everyone is entitled to a genital dating someone with oral herpes from time to time, but persistence of symptoms for several days or recurrent signs or symptoms should prompt consideration of genital herpes infection. Also--Ken Dahl has written a great comic series called Monsters about his own contraction of herpes and how he deal with transmitting it to partners and disclosure and shame and whatnot.

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However, that reluctance is far from universal. In my case, my ex and I suffered from a huge lack of information -- he didn't know that he had HSV, and I didn't know that I didn't.

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I also suggested that if its really on her mind, that she get tested to be sure. I remember 4 months ago I saw this crusty thing on his lip the relationship is long distance so i see him once every weeks so maybe that was a healing cold sore and had I known he gets cold sores I wouldn't have kissed him since that is when its most contagious. I don't get it, but whatever. Same lame excuse "i got it when I was a kid" yeah right. If you would contemplate breaking up with your bf over this, then to be logical you should never kiss anyone who cannot produce a negative HSV test report!

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If you are afraid of getting it, you can still have a relationship that mitigates or remove the risk IE No sex. Contact Us - LoveShack. If you or someone close to you is currently in crisis or in an emergency situation, contact your local law enforcement agency or emergency number.

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A negative culture, however, does not rule out genital herpes infection, since cultures are the least sensitive way to diagnose genital herpes. If you treat it, it goes away after a couple of days But I seriously doubt she'd be interested in engaging in any sort of oral sex from my end. Indeed, most genital herpes outbreaks cause minimal signs or symptoms and can be mistaken for all sorts of other problems not related to sexually transmitted disease. Having a hard time picking a name? Recently I refilled a woman's water glass at a restaurant and she immediately told me that she had HSV1 and that if I touched her glass, I should go wash my hands immediately.

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Share Share this post on Digg Del. But I continue to date her because I love her to death. So for the next two months I went to an immunologist who had me on valtrex because he was having a hard time telling whether I was also positive for HSV2 or whether it was just a cross reactive thing. My mom, who's been married to the guy for 40 years or so, has never had a single sore that I've seen my entire life. In addition, HSV1 has a nasty habit of hiding, so you may have it and not even know. I'm dating a girl currently who has it. She immediately told me it had to be me because I was the only one she had slept with.

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If you have an oral herpes infection, you can give your partner a genital herpes infection by going down on them. When, in fact, they do and they do not know it.

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It's hardly a disease. If you are making an dating someone with oral herpes to avoid being infected with HSV-1 through kissing, presumably you are already having any prospective makeout partners or dessert sharers, or what have you get tested, since they might have HSV-1 and not know it.

Lets say I was going to marry a hsv-1 neg girl.

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Get back on Valtrex because it's a relatively cheap way to buy yourself some piece of mind it will decrease likelihood of transmissionbut I don't see any compelling reason to inform someone before a kiss besides the fact that you've had exceptionally bad luck.

They're not even strictly an STI. But oftentimes, honesty earns a deeper and more awesome relationship than anything else. Article Neonatal herpes can be terrifying. I also pointed out that there's a better chance that she has been exposed than not.

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