Dating scan says 13 weeks Scan dates make no sense??

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For some datings scan says 13 weeks there baby is just as baked at 37weeks as someone who is 42weeks pregnant.

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Can you combine finger foods and purees? Secondly scans are based on the average- so the size your baby is in the scan is measured against the average size at every week and they work out roughly your due date from that. They usually get stuff wrong from the scans. Join Date Jun Location Where the sun shines brightly! My last bump was huge and from the extra growth scans I had they were predicting a 10 pound plus baby, right up until minutes before he was born by section.

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Your baby's actual length and weight may vary substantially. Show messages Add a message. Personally from my 3 pregnancies I reckon you as women need to go with what you believe - we're usually going to know best about our bodies.

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They said that my last 'period' might have just been spotting but I'm sure it wasn't. PCOS here so anything is possible Scan dates are generally thought to be more accurate than going by period dates. However this new date means I would have had to have conceived during my last period so makes no sense at all.

How accurate are dating scans?

I was sent to EPU as was being very sick. The tech doesn't mean you are 16 weeks pregnany. Trying To Conceive Forums.