Dating scams izhevsk Dating scams izhevsk

Dating scams izhevsk

Feel free to link to. Vanyukova Anastasiya report 2.

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I have a Russian friend from Izhevsk already, no I am mistaken he is from Moscow. Vihareva Svetlana report 1. Part of group of scammers from Kremenchug, Ukraine.

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Ersulova Anna report 7. Korotkova Anna - Saratov, Russia City: Elena Kozlova Krasnodar, Russia. Forgive my unexperience, I had to find out everything before acting but it is too late now. Elena Scheglova Cheboksary, Russia.

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Shibanaeva Oksana report 1. Elena Stamat Odessa, Ukraine. Russia, Samara,Nagornaya Street Luppo Zhanna report 2. Gerasmova Elena report 1 aka Nekrasova Elana. I've been playing along to see what the scam is.

Eleonora Sviridova Dneprodzerjinsk, Ukraine. Kireeva Marina report 2. Its funny she datings scams izhevsk me to mail the money to her travel agent Svetlana Plotnikova, at st Chkalovskaya 67 flat 12, Russia.

Her one and only message from Match contained the email address we would communicate with: Kulipina Kolpina, Kulpina Svetlana report 1. Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here? Ekaterina Skobeleva Kaluga, Russia. Elena Plohova Saransk, Russia. Kovaleva Tatiana - Kremenchuk, Ukraine City: Elena Kruglova Tyumen, Russia. Elena Solodovnikova Perm, Russia.

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Tomskaya d 15, kv 25, Saratov, Saratovskaya,Russian Federation. Ekaterina Shvets Nizhni Novgorod, Russia.

She writes that decided to appeal to me because she liked me so much and all her hope is in me. Also ask money for her sick mother.

Ekaterina KaterinkaXX79 report 2 aka ladychocolate. Elena Gorlanova Cheboksary, Russia.

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This girl hurts my feelings and tried to rob me. Elizaveta Chirkowa Kansk, Russia. After tracking IP discover she was using theBat email client with yahoo mail. Lobanova Larisa report 5. Vidyakina Irina report 1.