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On the bottom of the bowl it is imprinted into the "pottery" MINTON towards the N, it is hard to read, so if there was once an S at the end, it is no longer showing and then it also has a mark which I have found online looks like a square divided into 4, which from what I have read, means dated Flora and fauna plant NEW by: That said, I would guess your old possibly genuine antique rather than mere 'vintage' and unusual set would have some value to a keen Crown Staffordshire collector.

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It depicts a lady, gentleman, child and dog lying on grass. Although the marks are not "two backward E's", I suspect this is the mark you are referring to.

Where could I send a photo for identification?

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There are various stories of how the Staffordshire knot came to be; One states that a local Sheriff devised the knot to cut costs by allowing three criminals to be hanged with a single rope. One other thing I noticed was near the marking on more of them than not, there is a mark of the gold, some have just a little "smudge", others have 2 little lines, some have 3 little lines in gold??

The pattern is 'Maytime'.

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I love collecting and finding pieces to research. It has a cream background and small blue, red and white flowers.

The pattern is called 'Thousand Flowers'. The sauce is Appx.

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I have done a lot of searching nd dating crown staffordshire have not seen this particular pattern anywhere.

Again, I completely understand you do not appraise, but I am dating crown staffordshire of selling.

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I have pics of the mark on the bottom and the pattern if anyone is willing to help me. Does not include prop stand or soda pictured for display. So a range would be a wonderful help, so that I do not sell myself short.

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I read that you are not an appraiser, and I respect that, but in you opinion, is this a great find, or good find? These may be second. Fully back stamped with Crown Staffordshire logo, plus "Beloved pattern of horse lovers it depicts.

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Bottom mark is a crown that looks like it has a v on it when blown up. Your guide to antique pottery marks, porcelain marks and china marks.

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Your mark is from onwards and was put on the copies Crown Staffs did of antique porcelains. I have looked everywhere for the pattern and can not find it on any site.

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This was also about the same time the American market was opening, and many of the Staffordshire manufactories were producing porcelain directed at this new American market. Its crown staff from Peter admin Hi Guys Afner, thanks for the photo.