Daddy dating glee fanfiction Daddy dating glee fanfiction

Daddy dating glee fanfiction


He had no idea where or how his son had become so obsessed, obsessed? Looking at the man next to him, his hands were clutched in front of his chest and his eyes were full of worry, he felt he had to say something.

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Now Kurt couldn't have been more grateful for that bastard walking out. As much as he was going to miss his little rascal running around and colouring in his designs, he had to let him go.

So, after months and months of sleepless nights and anxiety attacks, he finally admitted to needing help. Blaine was lonely and he'd been perfect. Blaine is 27, a doctor with a three year old girl.

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Due to an influx of spam, invitation requests are disabled while we take preventive measures. Everything was about to change wasn't it?

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But when the only conversations you had were with a 5 year old boy, obsessed with bow ties and dinosaurs, it got lonely. Blaine is the online date bp! Obviously that wouldn't have been a very good idea.

And they had never let him daddy dating glee fanfiction. Kurt pulled back, completely shocked and his eyes wide, "what makes you say that?

Chapter 1 | Hi I'm new (A Glee Fanfiction)- (ON HOLD)

It wasn't much, but it was all he could do right now. Someone to get excited over Matthew's mini plays with, someone he could cuddle up with at night after his son had gone to bed.

He goes to Blaine for help going potty, and eventually apologises. Growing up sucks he decided.

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Kurt Hummel always proved people wrong. Now come here" he said helping his son into his little navy blazer with red piping.

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He looked to the other man who looked as if he was about to say something when his phone went off. His parents had disowned him when his sexuality came to light and only allowed him to live in their house until he was legally old enough to move out.