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In despair, she completed her duty and smashed the Seeddestroying Twilight's buffy dating for good. This could be the mistake we all made in college.

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Unbeknownst to her at the time, Xander had made a pact with Severin and Simone to save Dawn from fading away, consequently betraying Buffy and her trust as a result. While Buffy explained to both Angel and Spike on buffy dating occasions that she might have a future with either of them someday, she claimed that she was still growing as a person and needed to figure out who she was before worrying about her love life.

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It's that glint in his eyes when he looks at Buffy, that devilish lilt in his voice as he offhandedly calls Buffy "love. She told him that it was only meant to be worn by a Champion of the people before giving it to him. Except when the entire female population of Sunnydale High was put under a love spell and Buffy was there, ready to straddle him in buffy dating but a raincoat.

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When Willow had realized that Angel returned from hell and Buffy was taking care of him, she was not judgmental or angry like the others, seemingly only worried about Buffy's well-fare. They tried to maintain a platonic, friendly relationship, but continued to be drawn to each other.

At the restaurant, Wood reveals that he is a "freelance" demon hunter, and tells her about his mother — that she was a Vampire Slayer and was killed when he was four years old, after which he was raised by her Watcher.

Faith stated Buffy wasn't normal to begin with and even praised her for being able to hold her own against slayers without any powers.

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Angel admitted that he loved her and cannot pull himself away despite believing he should. In the worst cases, you commit to meeting one of these people and it's absolutely awful. After Giles left for England, she once more kissed Spike, but rationalized to him that she was vulnerable because of her feelings of abandonment.

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Despite Angel's hesitation, the two gave into passion and made love on her 17th birthday, [22] an experience that broke Angelus's curse and triggered the removal of his soul. Spike was angered and hurt by her remarks afterwards, believing that he was just someone she went to when she had no one else to turn to.

They clearly loved each other.

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She visited her in a dream and reassured her that she would come back. However, Buffy and Giles reconciled when she confessed to him how difficult life and all of these impossible choices were to her.

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Who can say I'm not if I'm in the elderly Dutch chatroom. Shortly after Riley left, Buffy learned that Spike, a vampire and sometimes-companion, had fallen in love with her.

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After a while, she began to feel the effects of Twilight's influence on her, which caused her to act upon her feelings of lust and love for Angel. After their break up, he spread rumors about Buffy being a lesbian.

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Eventually, Buffy gave in and continued slaying as well as being trained by Giles.