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Some make sense and hold true to my group of friends, others are there for comedy and others are just downright out of control. When introducing a bro to a new girl, a guy will most often enhance facts about his job. Just stick to the facts. Afterwards the bro who infringed upon this rule may be confronted by the whole circle of bros.

Article 22

It's up to him what he does with that information and how he codes dating his situation. Of course you would or you'd go to the police.

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Its not my business. Then you are absolved of any responsibility. The wingman also has to be socially perceptive code dating to know exactly when to stop being witty and charming and instead beā€¦gone!

Rule Number 4: The Dating Clause

I would just say something like, "Hey bro, I think Ashley may be romantically involved with Jack. I'd still lean towards telling him -- especially if he's a close friend.

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I would never let someone know if their boyfriend or girlfriend was cheating on them. By no means am I suggesting that the cheating is ok - it is a lie, it's a breach of trust, etc.

Hey! Chase Amante here.

No guy wants to get in between a buddy and his sister. This allows for an immediate punch to the face, but only after all other bros have been told and are gathered to watch the punishment.

A he-man will eat the whole dessert, then go out and pull a bus, lift some railway cars or undertake some other feat of calorie-burning grandeur.

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To deny a fist bump is no light thing, and should only be done when there is very great disapproval of an action. I haven't seen The Dark Knight in forever. My basic rule of thumb is this - it is far more difficult to meet cool guy friends than it is to meet women to sleep with.

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