Answers in genesis ice core dating New Ice Core Records 120,000 Years?

Answers in genesis ice core dating, chapter 12

A Major Theoretical Problem

Uniformitarian model from De Angelis et al,p. Seely is aware of this bias, but denies it operates in the counting of annual layers:.

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If one starts with the uniformitarian paradigm, it is easy to see how the various methods appear to be corroborating. D2, 22 July Originally published in Journal of Creation 15, no 3 December What about the old dates of hundreds of thousands of years obtained in Antarctica ice cores?

What are we to make of these data?

Why drill another ice core so close to GRIP?

Furthermore the oxygen isotope ratio can provide a general location in the core for the ice formed during the Ice Age and the ice that answer in genesis ice core dating afterwards. Correlation of palaeotemperatures derived from sea floor sediments with variations in solar heating of the earth caused by periodic changes in the orbital parameters of the earth-sun system has led to a widely-accepted explanation for ice ages called the Astronomical Theory.

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Second, if such a secondary mechanism exists, it is not understood nor has it been quantified. There are various methods for dating ice cores, which fall into four general categories: The expected annual layer down the core also determines what they conclude with these other variables.


Finish your subscription You're almost done! However, other scientists believe the very bottom of the Greenland ice sheet was disturbed by ice sheet flow, and the oscillations, therefore, are climatically meaningless.

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Please follow the instructions we emailed you in order to finish subscribing. At the peak of the Ice Age, the average thickness of the ice sheets in the Northern Hemisphere was estimated to be 2, feet mwhile on Antarctica it was 3, feet 1, m. The difference between the annual layer thickness down the GRIP ice core of central Greenland between the uniformitarian model De Angelis et al.

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One of the most used annual variables in Greenland ice cores is the oxygen isotope ratio in the ice. This is only generally true today and the past would be different. Science What Is Science?

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Since the Ice Age ended about years ago, precipitation from the present climate would continue to build up the ice sheet. Are these ages objective? Nothing in the ice-core data from either Greenland or Antarctica requires the earth to be of great age.

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After all, the impression the general public has is that the build up of glacial ice takes very long time periods - thousands of years for just a few metres. Alley admits that subannual events can be produced during one year in all the annual layer methods, storms being one of the mechanisms:.

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