An extrovert dating an introvert 6 Reasons Introverts Are Better At Dating Than Extroverts

An extrovert dating an introvert, 5 crucial tips for introvert-extrovert couples


Over dinner, you practically sit on your tongue to appear demure. Until we understood our differences, we wasted a lot of time telling each other to hurry up or slow down. Submitted by Amy on November 10, - This sweet behavior one minute, but mean behavior the next, conditions the controlling partner to "ask permission" or from now on "always ask" their partner what they want does it feel like walking on eggshells?

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We'll be even happier to see you when we come back. On the flip side, an introverted partner is the understanding and supportive partner you need when the world feels too busy and overwhelming.

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It is helpful to ask specific questions. Keep up with the story here. It was a disaster. By engaging, you can show that you share that commitment to resolving differences.


I have been met with more compassion and understanding than I would have ever dreamed of, and I finally feel like it's ok to just say I don't feel up to doing something. Share Tweet Stumble Digg Email. Of course, your input would also be very welcome in this regard. One woman turned an empty bedroom into a "man cave" for her introverted husband, who rewarded her by spending all his time there—and sometimes even sleeping there—leaving her alone and lonely.

So, spend time creating a list of questions you might ask an introverted date to draw him out.

Introverts have some major advantages when it comes to dating.

You have different ideas of what the an extrovert dating an introvert date night looks like. Introverts Submitted by Heidi on September 29, - 7: I can see his screen from where I sit and sometimes I comment on the game.

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More content from YourTango: So here are our top tips:. Fortunately, your extroverted spouse has no problem intervening.