A girl dating a guy 3 years younger Girls do you like dating men that are 2-3 years younger?

A girl dating a guy 3 years younger, select as most helpful opinion?

I still consider him a friend though, and I prefer more mature guys anyway. Here is where you can ask a boy questions and find out what guys really think.

At your age, this is important - you may want a year to date, a year to be engaged, and a a girl dating a guy 3 years younger to be a newlywed before you have kids.

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Dating a guy 4 years younger than me and unsure if age difference is too much or when to bring it up. Just kidding, kind of. No I wouldn't be attracted to him.

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Not only has he got the energy thing on his side, but it's unlikely that he'll be a selfish lover. Ask Student Finance England Replies: The ambivalent dudes, shitty apartments, and entry-level bullshit job?

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I don't want him to think I need babies right now, because I don't. But I don't know if I would do it again, Just my preference.

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Follow 18 My sister married at 26 to my brother in law that was 23 at the time. I like long meaningful relationships, so that's why I always went for the older girls. University of Cambridge Replies: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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In our culture, dating an older partner is often seen as a status symbol for younger women — we're often told that older partners will be more financially and emotionally stable, which is why being courted by an older partner is often seen as a compliment, a confirmation that you, indeed, have your act together casual dating commitment are desirable.

Having a hard time picking a name? I wouldn't like it either ha ha can you say JAIL. That wasn't by choice; it's just how it turned out.

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When I was in college me and a bunch of other girls made friends with a group in the year below and a few of the girls started dating some of the younger guys, it wasn't awkward at all. Although you may be ready to walk down the aisle, it can be hard to get a younger man to put a ring on it. We're still feeling each other out, and who knows if it will work out anyways.

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I think I wouldn't, I've tried before and it just doesn't work. Need to meet more young men like you lol. Follow 7 I would never date anyone younger.