2 ohm hook up Dual Voice Coil (DVC) Wiring Tutorial

2 ohm hook up

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I truly need some advice and info. Which is best and the amp i was looking at is 2 fosgate class d tbdcp. And im also not sure what size gauge i should get for the wiring kit. I 2 ohm hook up bought a speed dating near stamford ct cvr 12 dual 4ohm. Now questioning my purchase. Press on the top of the first negative terminal to open up the terminal. You might assume you are simply wiring it as a mono amp, which in a sense you are.

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Well definitely go for a mono amp in the to watts RMS. Is my 2 Channel Crunch Amp still good for these subs? Even still, that amp will supply watts RMS, plenty for the W6. I hooked the subs to my 5 channel alpine amps sub output and the subs played fine.

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This is an important aspect to remember. And lastly, what size box do you recommend? Rear facing in grand Cherokee srt in a sealed box, Amps Facing behind bench seats with no airspace.

I know fairly little about amps and ohm load, but your article has helped, but you still might have to break it down for me.

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Materials and Prepare the Box

Or would I benefit more from bridging? You said something about quality not quantity.

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So consider upgrading your alternator and battery. It has been running great now for years while running it at 2ohms.

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Hi, It looks like the amp will put out abut watts RMS true every day reality power at 2 ohms stable impedance. Do I run one parallel ant the other series? Is there any one component that is seriously lacking? Start with the gains on the amp all the way down, crossovers set, tunes cranked just to the point of distortion, then back it back down a few notches.

Wiring Diagrams

The important difference that is often overlooked is when you bridge an amplifier, the amp sees half the impedance at the terminal which means that 2 channel amp would see only 1 ohm. Do you think it would be a problem If I were to just hook the subs up normally, not bridged?

Your subwoofer is 4 ohms. Hi Aj, The alpine type R will work dual 4 ohm. Link to JBL spec sheet:

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